A visit from an Angel


Angel Elena

(She saved my life in Spain)

When I found out one of my angels might be coming to Canada to visit I was stupid excited, nothing could get me down. My whole week became a dream, thinking, planning even though it was just a possibility of her visiting.

First started just dreaming about things we could do, things i could show her but the second she confirmed that she could get the flight i had to make these dreams my reality.

She was flying into Toronto so I rented a car to pick her up (I wanted to give her the real Canadian experience, to cement the decision I got a flat two days before the trip.
First stop for me and her was Toronto airport. I got there early as to avoid the dreaded Toronto traffic and i wanted to make sure i didnt leave her stranded. Seeing her again brought back all sorts of memories from the hospital (good ones if you can believe that). She had no idea of my plans for her visit, and said she was happy to stay in MTL with the family.
She convinced me to tell her where we were headed, so she could let her family know, i set up a hotspot for her and we started driving down to Niagara Falls. She was so excited when i told her where we were going (This was a relief, but i figured going to some of the greatest tourist arias would be a safe bet for a tour guide.)

Β The falls were almost as beautiful as Elena πŸ˜‰ It was my first time at the falls, so it was quite a sight!

Because we were going outside of the peak season we were asked if we would like to upgrade our room for a relatively cheap price. My opinion on the matter is… you only live twice.

The view was stunning, and as an extra bonus, we had a massage chair overlooking the falls!!

For dinner we ate at the keg, the hostess said it would be an hour and a half wait for a window seat, so we decided against waiting.

Although somehow we ended up being seated at what seemed like the best possible spot in the whole place! Super lucky supper πŸ˜‰ And they even had a Cauliflower steak for me.


The next day I woke up early to see the sunrise. Man it was stunning, I really should have woken up Elena, but she was adjusting to the time shift.

today would be a huge day for us, plans aside we had a 7h drive back to mtl.

We had to check out after our breakfast, so we picked up, packed up and parked the car.

The plan was to get out of Niagara quickly but first we wanted to drop by and check out the falls during the day.

We had a bunch of choices of things to check out and I left it to Elana to choose what she wanted to do. The plan was to check out one of the streets we passed by for a few minutes and then head to an aquarium in Toronto on the way back to mtl…

After walking up and down the street taking pictures we walked back to the car… slowly.. taking pictures… And passed the falls which ended in well many more photos, but I think you get the idea.

The small walk to the interesting street took much more time then expected, but we had a great time, and as nothing was booked, we had no stress in getting to the next adventure… Which was the aquarium in Toronto! Turns out she was really interested in the aquarium, and Ripply’s Aquarium is a special place.

Elena and I got to pet manta rays, shrimps and sharks! No kidding!!

After the visit to the aquarium the plan was to drive back to Montreal and go-to smoke meat Pete’s.

However, we didn’t get out of the aquarium until after 6, landing us in Montreal just at about midnight. Elena was sleeping andI decided not to visit smoke meat Pete’s (nothing much for me to eat there anyways).


The next day was reserved for family visits. In the afternoon I made Elena pancakes, and she spoke with Cliff until he left the house, finally we were alone and she could get ready to go πŸ˜‰

We walked through terracotta on our way to my sister’s place as an intro to pointe Claire. While my sister spoke with Elena I, like a good Uncle, got my niece all worked up and was swinging her around the room by her ankles. Showing off? Nah, it’s actually the normal routine with baby Ray.

After Carolyn’s place, we went back to pick up Mom and Cliff and headed to my aunt’s and uncle’s place.

We spent the next few hours lost in conversation with my aunt and uncle. We had a really good time and when i told them our plans for dinner, they insisted on sending us to a very fancy and expensive place. We split a salad and a bottle of wine. I had the pasta (soooo good) and Elena has the chicken and a smoked Gouda poutine an interesting spin on a Quebec dish! For dessert she had an awesome chocolate volcano and I had the key lime pie.
After dinner, we were both tired and headed back home.





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