Ireland, Johnny Fox

I was told by Fran “don’t make such a big breakfast for us, im taking you somewhere special”…

Elena was already at work when I got up… well at least I offered to make her breakfast, then went back to sleep. I happily made a small English breakfast for Fran and I (Quite a lot of breakfast for a Spanish breakfast), cleaned up the mess, packed up and we head out.

We started driving to the city center, picked up *Angel* Elena at her work, then drove out of the city. Having no clue where we were headed, i sat back and watched as we raced through the narrow backcountry roads. The overgrown trees turned the path into a tunnel; a tunnel which twisted through the narrow mountain side. The roadside barrier, a blended mess of cobblestone and hedge that blended into one another seemed to reach out dangerously close to the racecar.

After climbing the mountain in Frans racing car, we arrived at the final destination. Johney Fox.

This place was wild! It’s the highest pub in Dublin, live music everyday and great food!


There was so much to look at once we got into the pub, one of those everything is on the wall places. Someone from USA had their ashes on display dug into the wall lol. We got seated in the room with the live band, sat down, ordered a pint, dinner and listened to the band. For desert I had a mooses with seaweed … Or moss in it…. It was great, didn’t taste the odd ingredient 😀




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