A fun-packed day in Barcelona!

The morning started off early… Well for Jin at least. I find noon to be quite later than my idea of early.

As we jumped onto the metro, she explained all the great plans she had for us to partake in.

We were to:

  1. Goto a park
  2. Walk to a church
  3. Tour the church
  4. Meet a friend for lunch
  5. Visit a tower
  6. View a singing fountain
  7. Collect food for a potluck
  8. Meet an acquaintance for dinner
  9. Go out on the town


Step one: The park


At this point i remembered it was my dad’s birthday (thanks Julie!!), I started sending birthday wishes on Skype to pops and Jin smaller a few shots for him.

Attempting to walk to the church, we ended up running into a man with a circle. I have huge hopes to try this one day..

P_IMG-20151108-WA0015 P_IMG-20151108-WA0007After about 15 min, the man in the wheel was all spun out and needed a break, Jin and I both tiped the man and continued on our way through the park entrance.

Part two :

We were on a mission to see a church then meet some friends. Rushing into the park we came to a halt when we saw a group of Hippy’s “doing circus things” as Jin puts it. A rastafarian Pakistan man was attempting to balance on a slack line. As we stood watching him, he asked me if I’d like to try. For the next hour Jin and I spent hanging out with the parks riffraff, juggling, balancing and chatting.

Wow the people’s of Barcelona are so nice we exclaimed. Turns out not a single one of us are from Spain… never mind Barcelona.

P_IMG-20151108-WA0020P_IMG-20151108-WA0019P_IMG-20151108-WA0016P_IMG-20151108-WA0001P_IMG-20151108-WA0000part three: SKIP THE CHURCH, WERE LATE!! Onto part 4

Ok, well who needs a stinking church anyways. We were only about 20 meters into the park by the time we had to leave to meet Jin’s friend for lunch (it was 3pm). We stepped out of the park and they were just arriving from the other side of the street.

I was introduced to the couple, and quickly grew fond of the two of them. We headed down to a Chinese food restaurant where they were so kind as to order food that I could eat. Normally I’m stuck with one plate of tofu that I can eat and nothing else, and my tofu gets eaten by all participants 😛

We skipped the tower and instead visited some more interesting parts of the city with our Spanish your guide (Jin’s friends husband).

Love the kid in the background. Gave me a good laugh
A few pictures were taken, and this is Jin saying “well are we done yet!!?”


Check out Spain’s “modern” stainglass (on cloth). So…. Uh I’m really not sure what to say.

We arrived at an old bull fighting arena that had changed into a shopping mall.

Jin knowing the secret, pulled us into the mall and had us take the escalator. She explained that you had to pay to take the elevator.

P_20151107_170750We walked around the to, then had some beer, tea and great conversation. When we finished it was dark.


It was now time for step..  Well I’m not sure anymore, but we walked down to the singing fountain.

OK OK, I know all this hype and no pictures of the singing fountain! I’ll try to get the video on YouTube for you… Well for me as well 😉

Anyways time to enjoy my time with Jin in Barcelona

3 thoughts on “A fun-packed day in Barcelona!”

  1. Yep I can imagine you spinning your wheel…no s.
    There’s almost a 60’s feel to all this…and how would I know ey?
    Looking good and happy there Jason.

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