2 thoughts on “Train to Chandigarh”

  1. What a wonderful way to travel you two…we can hear you guys whispering, exchanging comments about being the way out, to educate… what a privileged moment for indelible memories… great video…almost like being there.

  2. This morning while I was reading a passage in Montesquieu’s “The Spirit of the law”, it made me think of you.
    It said that there are three types of education; the one your parents give you, that which the masters of our society give you, and the one that the World gives you.
    What better person to be your guide at this time in your trip than your uncle Don? It is one thing to hear him speak of things in India, but another to also have the opportunity to see them passing by your window on your way north to Kullu.. There isn’t enough money in the world to buy this experience.

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