New Delhi; That new country smell

I’ll attempt to cram in my three nights in New Delhi into one post. For those interested in images this post has a bunch, just scroll to the bottom.

So Don brought me to a few cool places in new Delhi. First off the house we were staying at had a normal style toilet… not something i normally pay attention to, but looking back it was a nice touch.

So Rani (name means queen) had a massive house in a gated community and she had a bunch of servants. This is not something im used to, but it was a great introduction as she treats them like family, and they can do anything as long as the work gets done. We would stay up late watching cricket matches together.

Rani was constantly doing paper work for the housing unit she owned for them and their family’s to live inand get own, she calls herself their servant. It was quite an experience and in the end i left the servants a 30$ tip to say thank you.

Don first took me to a very large green space where we spent the whole day. In the green space we found people meditating while holding their noses (seemed odd.. But hey could be interesting), a Zen garden with an attached bonsai garden, and what looked like a child’s playground that ended up being a workout area.

That night we ended up going out for dinner with Rani to an exclusive restaurant where you had to be a member to order. I was explained that the waiting list to get a non voting membership take over 30 years, and then you must go through an interview with the voting members… and finally if you are accepted you must pay a 14k membership fee.

The next day Don took me to see some tomes with some dead guys in them. We didnt stay long, but got a few pictures. After hanging out with the dead, we went to pick up some tea. Don gave me 2 options (well two tea shops were side by side. One had nice labels and well organized cute box’s of tea on display, the other had every shelf and desk covered with jars of tea. It looked like it came from the early 19th century. I chose the less organized shop as it seemed like it would be more fun to talk with the owner then to read some description taped to a box.

We entered the shop and asked for a few glasses of water. Over the course of about 1 hour Don and i were given 4 samples of tea, a overview of timing for different types of tea and the proper temperature for steeping.

Turns out the shop owner and a few other local business owners are working together to fund some eco projects, and they were looking for good ideas for the money they had amassed. Don, being a change management consultant and after working on the worlds greenest building, had some good contacts for our new friend. Amazing what can come out of a few cups of tea.

Anyways here are a bunch of images in no particular order.


P1140388P1140400 P1140375 P1140358 P1140357 P1140370 P1140368 P1140373 P1140157 P1140164 P1140173 P1140178 P1140186 P1140192 P1140205 P1140203 P1140214 P1140227 P1140236 P1140234 P1140254 P1140268 P1140278 P1140289 P1140296 P1140302 P1140306 P1140315 P1140331 P1140339 P1140336 P1140344 P1140351




5 thoughts on “New Delhi; That new country smell”

  1. Yes please! I will have one of each of those Bonsai trees 🙂 Also love the pic of you sitting in the door way 🙂

  2. Brings back memories….keep on trucking Jay. Wish I was there also. No doubt the land of extremes from the wealthiest to the poorist the most beutifull to the most unusual… never a dull moment. Really relate to that new country smell…a big part of the memories.

  3. Meditating and holding nose might be prana breathing… Fantastic shots, love the shirt, you fit right in with that one… you look fantastic… thanks for sharing.

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