Missed the best part of “Magic Madrid” ;)

Last time I was in Madrid it rained the whole time and I really didn’t enjoy the hostel as much as Portugal (although the large parks in Madrid are something else).

But I really missed out on the best part of Madrid so I headed back.20150410_223349

Jin Jing came by and picked me up at the airport. On the way home, we found some interesting street art!

20150410_22331720150410_223325Staying with friends is by far the cheapest and best way to travel, but staying with Jin Jing almost required tying her down if you wanted to pay it repay for anything.

She knew what I liked, and made sure I saw it. We started off the next day in the massive central park I loved so much. It was great to see it when it wasn’t raining!20150411_140045



She then took me it for the true tapas experience. It was not what I was expecting, I found tapas consists of way too much bread… But it was an experience none the less.

20150411_145324I had a great time with her. Actually even though it was the end of the day when we walked passed a street art exhibit. Knowing I was interested she insisted we waited in line and checked it out. (I was very very happy)

20150411_20022620150411_19544420150411_19554320150411_19592120150411_20000920150411_20010020150411_20071220150411_20063720150411_201608So for dinner she took me to an authentic Chinese food restaurant, and ordered me some incredibly spicy food and then treated me to a magic show (she knew I was a magician and wanted nd to give away all the tricks… nice try Jin Jing 😉 )

Anyway, thank you so much Jin Jing, it was amazing hanging out with you, and I hope to see you again soon 😉

12 thoughts on “Missed the best part of “Magic Madrid” ;)”

  1. And who did you learn the magic from, ey? Lovely photos, lovely memories, beautiful gal, glad you’re safe in Kulu.

  2. Jay didn’t give away any tricks ‘being a professional magician’! so I’d guess he probably doesn’t really know himself 😉 haha

  3. Oh Jason knows magic tricks alright… He started as this magic clowns’ assistant at the age of 8…and got paid to do so… he also knows how to juggle… One of the families mentors IS a professional magician and taught Jason quite a bit…his other brother Jonathan is the same… we just love making things appear and disappear in this family…hahahaha… and yes there is a pact amongst magicians otherwise who could make a living with a little pixie dust and quick hands, ey?

    1. And for a kid the pay was amazing…. for an adult the pay would be considered great 😉
      You and dad taught me how to save with the rule 50% in savings and 50% in spending.
      Great memories. Jin was worried I wouldn’t want to see a magic show because I myself had performed, but it was actually something else to see it done in another language, it really let you focus on where the “magic” was coming from.

  4. I was joking that maybe Jay doesnt really know the tricks to piss him off so maybe he would give away one secret or two…lol….. but Jay’s right if once I know the secret I would lose the curiosity and fun to watch and be surprised 😛

  5. wonder if there is an american influence in the street art…..amazing work….nice that you captured it and lifted it from the street so to speak.
    Hope also that you see Jin Jing again…she obviously has good taste.

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