Antwerp, day two

So this was the day, today I had to go to Brussels. I really really wanted to find this beer I was looking for. I did some more research, found a place that has 300 beers, put on my bag, checked out and went to find it. When the place finally opened, they didn’t have the beer. After adding the bartender twice and explaining my story he leaned over and said… “actually… now that I think of it, I remember hearing that a place called Gollum sometimes sells it.. they might not always have it and I’ve never bought it… but maybe”. This was the best lead I had, I asked him where it was, he pointed in a general area on the map and told me “errrr… somewhere around here… try asking someone.”.

let the hunt begin.

I walked across town to the old section. Spent about two minutes looking before finding the place. It was close… but it opened in 30 minutes.

I took the time to walk along the water.



When I came back I was the first one in the shop… I asked if they had beer from the brewery, and they did. Not only did they have it but they had the best beer from that brewery.. the westvleteren 12… aged four years. I paid a premium for it, but it still cost les then when i was trying to get it in Canada.20150408_125826 20150408_122257 20150408_121942

… in that first photo I’m not actually drinking three beers at a time. A friend from the hostel was walking by and she joined me for drinks (she seemed to have the same passion as me for beer).


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