welcome to Antwerp Belgium

Arriving in Antwerp is a pleasant experience… at least the train station is amazing


Walking out of the station you practically bump into the diamond ferris wheel20150407_103545 I have a cool animation of this… just need to upload it… it’s larger then my host will accept


I’m not sure why but I keep taking pictures of churches… I blame cliff for all the superior stain glass work… Really seen some terrible stained glass here..

Anyways this is a terrible picture but still…20150407_134327


World’s tiniest car… I seem to be the only person in Europe that is impressed with it 😛

20150407_135839Lunch spot, had an amazing cherry beer here. The music was also great. I ended up passing out sitting up after my meal, decided to head home for a nap.

When I got up I decided to look for the world’s best beer, went over to the elevator and pressed the button. As the elevator showed up, so did a man from around the corner. I waited for the door to close before attacking my pray. “Hey! Where you from?” No escaping this one buddy 😉

The plan worked! We ended up friend if course, looking for this beer together was unsuccessfully… but he suggested a local spot that had great prices, food and beer.

20150407_23360020150407_233627 so he introduced me to a bunch of people who he had met, and at the end of the night I had converted then into my friends as well… the person taking the photo did not know how to use the camera… ended up with 20 pics of us 🙂

Anyways it was a really great adventure !

6 thoughts on “welcome to Antwerp Belgium”

  1. Please let us all know when you have connected with Don Jay…He’s looking for you at the airport… don’t forget he’s not as tall as your dad…

    1. I had no internet to contact Don or read/write any posts.
      Thanks to Skype being able to load offline I was able to get his phone number, finding someone who would let me make a long distance number involved pinning down the people responsible for losing my luggage.

  2. probably the reason that you like churches is the same reason that I liked churches when I was in Europe they are the epitome of the history of the town in architecture. you’ll see one in Montreal like it but in Europe you’ll see hundreds that are superior to our best architecture of the time and some of them have amazing acoustic and wonderful atmospheres. they broke the hustle and bustle of the cities for me.

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