A series of fortunate events.

Today has been s great day despite the panic it started with.

This morning I had no set plans as per usual. I only needed to book a hostel to go along with my current flight to Germany.

This morning needed to take out a bit of cash from the Scotia alliance (yes… that’s the name they are going with) when I couldn’t find my debit card.

I went through everything I had looking for it. Out of desperation I researched how to make a collect call to Canada from Spain. When I got thought to Scotia they needed my card number which is on an encrypted drive I had to connect too to get it. When I final got the card number, my phone disconnected from Scotia! I tried to reconnect but my SIM card had run out of time due to the roaming charges. At this point I was in a panic, any moment my card could be drained for max 400$c I had to act fast!. In needed to find a phone where I could make a collect call from. I pulled out my trusty semi destroyed map and looked for the largest road to head to… then I started thinking about all the folds in the maps I had and started bending then like a maniac. No luck, I was not able to squeeze a bank card out of a map today. while slipping the map into the same pocket it was drawn from something jabbed my finger in the most pleasant way possible. The card had been in my map the whole time, transferring from one pair of pants to the next. Unbelievable as I hardly ever change pants…. 🙂

The relief poured over me and I decided today was a day to enjoy some things I miss.