Ireland, Johnny Fox

I was told by Fran “don’t make such a big breakfast for us, im taking you somewhere special”…

Elena was already at work when I got up… well at least I offered to make her breakfast, then went back to sleep. I happily made a small English breakfast for Fran and I (Quite a lot of breakfast for a Spanish breakfast), cleaned up the mess, packed up and we head out.

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A fun-packed day in Barcelona!

The morning started off early… Well for Jin at least. I find noon to be quite later than my idea of early.

As we jumped onto the metro, she explained all the great plans she had for us to partake in.

We were to:

  1. Goto a park
  2. Walk to a church
  3. Tour the church
  4. Meet a friend for lunch
  5. Visit a tower
  6. View a singing fountain
  7. Collect food for a potluck
  8. Meet an acquaintance for dinner
  9. Go out on the town

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Barcelona: discovery of the amazing veggie garden

So Jing and I planned to spend this weekend in Barcelona, i flied directly from Germany to Barcelona and Jing took the high speed train from Madrid, thanks to the delay of my flight, we happened to arrive at the gate of our hostel at exactly same time! 😉

Walking around hostel trying to find dinner, we accidentally passed by this colorful “veggie garden”, both of us were attracted by its dishes and decoration and decided to have our dinner there and it turn out to be the wisest decision 😉 They have Indian Thali (combination of curries), fresh made juice of big variety of fruits, menu is in 3 languages: Catalan(language of Catalunia community of Spain, eg.: barcelona), Castellana (standard Spanish, eg: madrid), and English. Catalan is so similar to French, it turn out that I could understand almost everything 😉

IMG-20151108-WA0005IMG-20151108-WA0003 P_20151106_225743 P_20151106_232345hey guys, just was wondering if you noticed any change about my writing style?

German office

I dropped by the Haivision office in Germany, hoping to land a contract for a few extra hours of work. My current contract with MTL has a bank of hours that limits me to making less money then i did in Montreal (understandable).
Turns out the project in Germany is quite the sum of work, in not the longest duration.

They really need as much help on this if this timeline is to be made.